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Midstate Burglar Bars & Ironworks of Montgomery, Alabama produces decorative home security products and ships these products around the United States of America. Our decorative security products may be used for the home, vacation home or lakehouse, as well as businesses. Please check back to our Burglar Blog page as we like to showcase our current product lineup and our new products as they are released. Here you will learn tips and tricks on keeping your family safer and your property more secure.

Air Conditioner Guards And Cages: Keeping Assets Secure

A household item that most people don’t think about protecting is their air conditioner unit. How many people do you know that have had their A/C unit stolen? But typically, there is at least one air…

Interior Burglar Bars: Preserve Your Curb Appeal

Everyone wants to feel safe, especially in their own home. And maybe you don’t want your home to have the look that exterior burglar bars gives. Did you know there is an option other than exterior…